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Maybe I love you, maybe I’m just kind of bored.

Maybe this is going to hurt for a long time and maybe we can never go back to where we were and maybe we can never even go back to being friends but life handed you lemons and you made lemonade. I hope it’s sweet enough for you, leave the bitterness for me. We both know I like it.

There is a cute boy that lives above me and is in class with my sister. Lord help me, I did not just put Britney lyrics all over my goddamn door.

I’m glad we happened.

I’m not sure
if my heart is pounding
because of the red cup in my hands
or because I’m thinking of someone else holding you.

It’s not that I’m not moving on
It’s just that,
when I think about us
no longer existing,
I forget about everything else.

I forget about how I didn’t mind
if your cold feet touched my legs
under the covers.
Or how we would just sit in the dark
listening to the same music over and over
like it didn’t even matter

I don’t think about
the nights I spent staring at the way your face
glowed in the light of the moon
while I was smiling in your passenger seat.
Or how I’ve been terrified of being myself
my whole life.
But somehow when I found you,
my heart turned into a river
and I flowed into your sea.



have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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